Where Words Fails Music Succeeds”

As a saxophonist, composer, and educator I have had passion for music all my life. You can honestly say it's part of my family heritage. My first influence and exposure to music was by way of my father, Earl Williams Sr. who was a master drummer, percussionist and college educator. My father a Detroit native was very active musician who recorded with many of Motown's great artist. He was also the drummer for my grandfathers band. Paul Williams and the Hucklebuckers. After moving to N.Y. my father would always have his musical peers come by the house to do the "musical hang", swapping stories, sharing musical technique or just jamming from time to time. I had no ideaI I was being exposed to musicians, who were some of the best then and now.

While all of this was going on around me as young kid, it was the amazement of watching my Grandfather "Paul Hucklebuck''  Williams  play the saxophone. I had no clue of his achievements as a musician and band leader or his place in musical history. It was just hearing him play, I knew in theses moments I wanted to be just like him and play saxophone. A few years later when I was older he gave me my first saxophone ( a silver Chu Berry Alto) which I still own and cherish to this day. In my youth I played in school and with several different local bands. It was in these moments the love of music in all of its varying forms connected with my preexisting musical DNA. The genre didn't matter to me for I realize music is the ultimate form of expression from the heart and soul. I stayed on this musical path until my mid-20's. 

It was not until some 30 years later, that the passion, which I never lost for music asserted itself again. I have embraced it and never looked back. The influences of my musical family continue to guided me towards a successful ongoing career. Thoughts of my father and grandfather motivate me everyday. 

Since returning to the scene in 2010 I have experienced success performing, recording and or sharing the stage with various groups and artist such as Lauren Sevian, Van Hunt, Snoop Dogg, Theodis Ealey, Little Dragon, Denis Leary, Tony Wilson. Dave Matthew Tribute Band and Clyde McPhatters Drifters, the Coaster, Platters, and Crystals. Local indie groups "Mind Creatures", "RastaFunk",  "Gnomonaut", Tublu , and  "Still Cruzin". I have learned from each and every situation that I have been apart of.

I am currently the music director for national artist, Ronn David McPhatter who is the son of Drifters founder Clyde McPhatter. Ive been involed with C.M.D. since 2014 supporting the vision of this well seasoned and experienced artist with major movie, recording, and performing credits. When not working and traveling with Clyde McPhatters Drifters i can be found performing with my own groups or more importantly mentoring young musicians. 

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